September 6, 2019

We want to remember one of our own, a true friend of the environment and of this Town. Long time Woodside resident Marion Timmy Gallagher passed away at the age of 99 last month. She was a horticulturist and wildflower expert. Mrs. Gallagher moved to Woodside in 1941, fell in love with California and all its natural beauty. She was determined to share her extensive horticultural knowledge and the expertise with us.

She was always strong advocate and a true friend of the Woodside Library. When a the library was built in Woodside in 1968, she worked with the Town to get funds to create a California native plant garden containing more than 160 species representing California plant habitats on a half-acre of land behind the building. She managed the garden for 30 years.

Protecting endangered wildflowers, including a rare native lily in Woodside, was extremely important to her. She coordinated a national Garden Club of America project to start using photographs and drawings of flowers to help in their protection.

She organized and taught the docent volunteer program at Filoli when it became a property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1975. She was awarded the Garden Club of America’s National Achievement Award in 1982 for her work at Filoli and for several projects to encourage good ecological habits and the preservation of native plants and raised money for the gardens through projects she worked on.

Her efforts helped create an early tradition of environmental protection in Woodside and has helped Woodside stay the truly beautiful community it is.

More about Woodside’s environmental committees and programs here, here and here.

As a truly inspirational Woodsider, we hope that the Council would consider renaming the library’s native plant garden to The Marion Timmy Gallagher, California native plant garden.

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