Whoa – stop bullying COWS

January 12, 2016

COWs feel bullied by the ASRB, the Open Space Committee, Staff and yes, the COWncil itself. Instead of “how can we help you have the best project possible,” it feels like the Town message is “we have the power and can force you to jump through hoops.)

We all know that equine therapy is successful in building confidence but were you aware that it is being used in the prevention and treatment of bullying. We knew it was used with victims of bullying but were unaware that it is also therapy for the perpetrator. It has even been used in prison systems to help inmates learn gentility, trust, and compassion.

In England, a project that uses horses to tackle bullying is underway after a pilot study found a change in attitude from two-thirds of participants. An equine assisted learning therapist has been working with groups of children to help to teach them to cooperate and work together. At each session, the group is given a set of tasks to complete, for which they have to work as a team with a herd of horses in an arena. The pilot study was conducted in 2014 with 60 children. Two-thirds of the participating children who would have tolerated bullying behavior prior to the course showed that they would no longer accept it. The project began in England’s anti-bulling week in November and finishes at the end of March.

Maybe some horses could help fix the attitudes at town hall.

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