Who are our two new COWncil Candidates?

September 30, 2007

faceless_cows.jpgWe have been trying to put a hoof around our two new Council Candidates, Peter Mason and Dave Burow, to learn who they are and what they stand for. COW’s want to know what is their vision for Woodside and what do they want to accomplish. We sent them each a letter, about 3 weeks ago, inviting them to tell us. We offered to print whatever they wanted to say unedited. Sadly they were unmoo-ved by our request to get to know them and their plans for our future.

What we do know from several sources in Town and on the internet is that Mr. Burow has lived in Town some 20+ years. He came to the Bay Area from Chicago in 1979 to work in the semiconductor industry. He is currently the CEO of Catalytic Inc.

Being top wrangler for several large companies, we are cautiously hopeful he would be an open minded, no moo-larky addition to the council.

We are a bit more cautious with the other Council Candidate Mr. Mason. Mr. Mason has lived in the Town approximately 5 years and is currently the Chair of the Towns Architectural Site and Review Board. We have concerns over some of Mr. Masons statements and voting record on the ASRB as being unduly harsh and udderly unneighborly. And we’ve received some troubling tips that Mr. Mason was involved in some un-permited work on his own property and sought Town approval after the fact . We herd he did not get a stop-work notice for this work by the Town. If this is true the question is why not? Mr. Mason, if we are misinformed, please correct the record…

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