What really happened to Hope?

July 8, 2008

We have heard it said that Woodside is a place of Hills and Valley’s – nothing is on the level; sadly we have to agree. The public will probably never be given an explanation on what happened to Hope. Public Records show that Susan George filled out Hope’s pay vouchers as if she has been there full time for the last 6+ weeks, even though we know Hope has not been in the office during that time. Indeed her voice mail as recently as last night (7/7) said she wouldn’t be in the week of June 9th (and we know she was not in for approximately 2 weeks before that). She was being paid for not working – why???? And why weren’t we told? What is Susan George covering up?

Information provided by the Town in response to our public records request included several written complaints against Hope Sullivan and against Susan George for protecting her. The complaints were for perceived retaliation and unequal treatment. One complaint stated that Hope and staff had cost the property owner over $50,000 in extra building costs – costs for things NOT required of others doing the same work. While similar complaints have been ignored for years (you can read about some here) perhaps the fact that these brave people put their complaints in writing was the final straw. Perhaps it was something entirely different. Does Susan George take any responsibility for whatever it was?

We are hopeful that Hope’s departure will mean real change but the handling of Hope’s departure gives us pause.

3 Comments on “What really happened to Hope?

  1. Anonymous

    If things don’t change now that Hope is gone we should start looking higher up. Covering for a bad employee, especially one who is known for unequal treatment, which is obviously illegal should not be tolerated. Getting rid of the employee is one step, but if it continues with other staff a major change is needed.

  2. Anonymous

    Again I say who is accountable in this town? Whos money are we talking about here it sure didnt come out of Georges well lined pocket. I dont have to read the stories anyone with real involvement in town knows the SOP with these people

  3. Anonymous

    I dont understand why we are not being told what is actually going on.

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