Welcome Dora!!

August 2, 2016

We wanted to add a belated WELCOME to our new Town Clerk Dora Wong. Dora has been on the job since January replacing long time, highly regarded, Town Clerk, Janet Koelsch, who retired in December. Dora came to us from Redwood City where she was the Deputy City Clerk and Certified Municipal City Clerk from 2006 to January 2016.

As we discussed in our story here, beginning with her first meeting in January, Dora has implemented a more open government policy by adding the audio recordings of the Town Council meetings online. We applaud her for her forward thinking and herding the town in the right direction. We note that the audio recordings are available for Town Council meetings from January till the middle of May and hope the rest will be put up soon.

We want to once again encourage Town to video all meetings. At a minimum, they should put the audio recordings of all public hearings and committee meetings on line so all COWs can review them as Dora Wong has done for Town Council meetings. Good job and Welcome Dora!

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