Water COWnservation

May 11, 2015

It is embarrassing to see the headline Woodside One of State’s Top “Water Wasters,” Needs to Cut Water Use by 35%. And Wealthy Woodside Is Among State’s Top Water Wasters.

According to the KQED story, over 8 months ago Debbie Mendleson and her son Jason who serves on Sustainability and Conservation Committee asked the COWncil to adopt a water conservation plan. At the very minimum, the Town should hold a public hearing to discuss what can be done.

While it is true that farmers use 80 percent of the water that is consumed in California, but most of their water cannot be transferred easily to cities, either because they have legal rights to it or because of infrastructure issues. Much of the water that we save is from our own supply.

All COWs are probably aware of the water saving tips. Google “water saving tips” and you can find 100 tips or 49 Tips or 25 Tips or 10 Tips.

There are also water use calculator to help. The easiest to use is aimed at Santa Clara County but should work equally well for Woodside. Or you can look at this one or this one.

Don’t be a drip! Every drop counts! Save water.

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