September 19, 2019

Democracy depends on participation. Once again, we urge all COWS to consider volunteering for a role in Town governance. Woodside relies on volunteers for Council, Planning Commission, ASRB and the many other committees. Without them, the same few people do these important jobs over and over again. This results in the insularism which we have complained about.

In April, Staff presented COWncil with recommendations to implement a Citizens Ad Hoc Committee on town volunteerism to help encourage participation. Since then there have been several meetings at Town hall. The next one will be September 19th at 1 p.m. at Town Hall.

This Committee is looking for ideas on how to encourage volunteerism and make the volunteer experience more meaningful. It is an opportunity to voice your ideas and even more importantly learn about the opportunities and the application process. Even if you can not make this meeting, check out any listed vacancies in the Town website and apply if you would like to serve.

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