URGENT REMINDER – STILL ASRB and Other Cow-mittee Seats OPEN!

January 24, 2017

REMINDER ASRB AND OTHER COW-MITTEES APPLICATION SUBMISSION DEADLINES are fast approaching!! It’s udder-ly important to get involved and help moove our cow-munity into a fair and equal COW friendly direction. You can do this by volunteering for one of several cow-munity groups that have openings. These groups/boards/cow-misions develop many of the policies to be herd by the Town COWncil and effect all of us.
As we discussed here ASRB holds a lot of power in deciding the fate of our personal building improvement projects in this town and needs fair minded, logical members. See additional information here on ASRB applications.
This is also true for the Open Space Committee and the Sustainability and Conservation Committee which look over certain building projects but also push policies and agendas to Staff and COWncil. Additionally, there are openings in the History, Public Safety, Livestock and Equestrian COWmittees as well as the Recreation, Trails, Emergency Preparedness, Circulation and the Arts and Culture COWmittees. See more about these cow-mittees applications here.
The deadline for ASRB applications is Monday January 30th. All other cow-mittee applications are due Friday February 3rd

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