Udder-ly exciting!

October 16, 2007

Kick up your hooves! We have been together for two years now and we are no longer between hay and grass at this community web site production. We have new features that you have to see. So kick up your hooves, let your cow bells ring and take a gander at all the new features which you can always access from the menu to your left. Here’s what’s new:

COWncil Webcasts! Remember when we COWS raised all that money, $32,000, to give to the Town to pay for webcasting of council meetings, just like is done in other cities? COW believes we all could and should be more involved in our town government. But then the Town refused the check. After the Council held a meeting on it, Town Manager Susan George was supposed to research the idea. Well, just as we haven’t heard a moo about Susan George’s investigation into staff’s retaliation against citizens, we still haven’t herd back about webcasting either. We have been sitting on our hooves long enough and decided no more of this dilly dallying so now you can watch webcasts here on our Amoo-zing Mootube! We also have a audio-only version for those of you who are still limited to dial up.

That’s right COWs, see COWncil webcasts starting with the meeting of Tuesday October 9th on our new Mootube along with cow videos from the internet which our members or viewers have found interesting or aMOOzing. Of course it wouldn’t be Mootube without videos of Woodside. You can contribute too! Visit our Mootube contribute page to find out how.

See the Cow-lendar for local meetings and events of interest to COWs. If you have a meeting or event you would like posted, send it to us and we will try and add it.

Stampede-able! Also check out our moo-verlous and so popular free COW greeting cards. We have a whole new section with all occasion COW cards that are printable.

Our stories are still our most important feature of course and we will be bringing you the real news that you might not be able to get elsewhere. But now they are searchable so you can look to see if we have discussed a topic already. Please keep the stories and tips coming. We COWnt on you.

It’s a steer in the right direction when you become a member! Registering will enable you to get the news as soon as its available if you wish. You can sign up for either live feeds or email updates to see our stories first. Registering also allows you to pick out your own permanent user name for blogging.

Bull-rilliant and colorful design and new features! We hope you find the improved COW site much easier to use. There are all kinds of interesting things to see including Town COWncil Webcasts! So moo-sy around some and let us know what you think.

3 Comments on “Udder-ly exciting!

  1. Anonymous

    LOVE that we got our webcasting despite Ms. George. Ha!

  2. Jersey Girl

    Love the new site! Much easier to use and all the new features are great. Thanks!

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