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March 26, 2018

We applauded the Town when its antiquated website was finally updated back in 2011. While that was a big improvement, it was 7 YEARS ago and much more is needed. If you have ever spent any time on the site, you know it needs help. Some things are pretty easy to find, while others you have to go on a frustrating search. The Towns archived records are a great feature but we have herd complaints about it being very slow, difficult to maneuver through, ridiculously hard to search or repeated error messages which ultimately block you out.

The permits section used to have more information. It looks as if some sections may have been removed. Much more could be done, for example, either add the current full building code or provide links to it. Why aren’t all of the Town Board and Cowmittee meeting minutes added? How about the tapes of all the meetings added to the corresponding cowmittee agendas as is now done for Cowncil meetings? The addition of recordings was a great idea that should be expanded. Speaking of voice recordings, why doesn’t our Town live stream video all of the meetings when most of our neighbors are doing it?

We have been providing Mootube so COWs can see Council meetings and some others after the fact but all meetings should be live streamed and archived for interested COWs by the Town. The original excuse for not providing this important transparency was that internet service was not available to everyone in Town. Today, we all have smart phones and can watch from home or away at our convenience. It is time for the Town to finally provide streaming video!

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Some comments regarding website from the Citizen survey

1. The Town website needs a redo and needs to be kept up-to-date, especially the recreation events.
2. Website is fine, but nothing to brag about.
3. Town website does not seem up to date, and is hard to navigate.
4. Search function on Website is very poor esp wrt the Municipal Code. Generally better to do a Google search outside of the Town website to find information.
5. The website is useless. Difficult to navigate – stale information.
6. The website is really hard to navigate, particularly when it comes to permit applications and required details.
7. Town’s website is absolutely awful. It is impossible to find any information there
8. Town website is dinged bc it’s hard to find phone numbers for depts like Planning. The doc/form repository section feels very separate from the rest of the site
9. The website it unappealing, not especially intuitive and in some cases (Planning, Zoning) hard to navigate and understand,.
10. Attempted to email town using the website and was unable to get the email to send. My text and phone number were highlighted but there was no message telling me what was amiss.
11. It can be difficult to find data on the website
12. Looking forward to the website being refreshed for a more current look n feel and more photos of horses!! :)

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