Town COWncil meeting tonight May 12

May 12, 2015

Unfortunately, COW is unable to attend the Town Council meeting tonight so we are instead summarizing items appearing on the Agenda for the May 12th meeting. Therefore, this meeting will not be on MooTube which is why the Town should take over the filming of its meetings.

The consent calendar lists the adoption of an ordinance allowing consideration of green energy production and/or distribution in the Community Commercial (CC) zoning district with approval of a Conditional Use Permit, and to permit electric vehicle charging stations as an accessory use in all zoning districts. We applaud this ordinance.

Town Council is introducing a draft ordinance which will adopt water conservation standards, setting it for a second reading on May 26, 2015. We were embarrassed to see the headline Woodside One of State’s Top “Water Wasters,” Needs to Cut Water Use by 35%. And Wealthy Woodside Is Among State’s Top Water Wasters. To meet the standards being set by the State Water Board, the California Water Service Company (Cal Water) will need to achieve a 36% reduction in water use in its Bear Gulch District, which serves some of Woodside and adjacent communities. See our article here.

Adoption of the draft ordinance would do two things in support of water conservation goals. The draft ordinance identifies permanent prohibitions on the use of potable water regardless of drought conditions.

• Use of potable water through a broken or defective plumbing
fixture or irrigation system.
• The application of potable water to landscapes in a manner that
causes runoff such that water flows onto adjacent property,
non-irrigated areas, private and public walkways, roadways,
parking lots, or structures.

• The use of a hose that dispenses potable water to wash
vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, boats, aircraft, and
trailers, whether motorized or not, except where the hose is
fitted with a shut-off nozzle or device attached to it that
causes it to cease dispensing water immediately when not in

It also establishes four stages of mandatory restrictions on the use of potable water based on drought conditions
which would be triggered upon adoption of a Town Council resolution declaring a drought emergency. It includes the how and when you can irrigate ornamental landscaping as well as other good practices which will be mandatory.

You can find a table outlining the use restrictions in the staff report.

All COWs should already be using the traditional water conservation methods which are embodied in this ordinance. We like the slogan – Don’t be a drip. Save water, every drop counts.

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