March 7, 2017

In an excellent move, the Town Council adopted a Town-wide change to the maximum house size. An ordinance studied for more than a year allows up to a 10% increase in all but R1 zones. In R1 zones a 5% increase is allowed. However, there is no change to the total floor area allowed for a lot. Thus, depending on the size of your lot, having a bigger house may mean not having a guest house or other accessory structure.

The Town started looking at the issue when members of the Woodside Heights Homeowners Association requested a zoning amendment in their zone (SR) to allow an increase in house size as long as the Total Floor Area for the lot did not increase. Council agreed to look at this request and had staff review all zones.

There were Quite a number of study sessions on the issue with a good number of citizens looking at it and sharing opinions. Included in the Ordinance is a chart showing what is allowable in each district as well as some evaluation criteria for lots. You can view the Ordinance here.

We applaud the COWncil and Staff for listening to COWs and not providing some flexibility on how we are can develop our own property in a way that works best for us and does no harm to others.

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