Tour of California to Ride Through Woodside Area

February 15, 2009

At the February 10th meeting of the Town COWncil, a representative from the Sheriff’s Office spoke about the Tour of California, the annual bicycle race that was begun back in 2006. The route changes every year, and this year the race will be coming right through our area on Monday, February 16th.

While our Town has had concerns about bicyclists, this event attracts professionals such as Floyd Landis (who won the first year), and this year features Lance Armstrong, the seven-time winner of the Tour de France. The course runs 750 miles through California (you can see this year’s route here). The race begins on Saturday at the State Capitol, and concludes on February 22nd in Escondido in Southern California.

The Sheriff’s Office issued an SMC Alert (see our article on that service here) on Friday about the race and its impact on us COWs, and will issue another one on Monday. The race will be passing through our area between 10:30 and 11:10 Monday morning. You can see a map of Monday’s route at the race website. The route comes down Tunitas Creek Road (passing the Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space and nearing Huddart County Park), turning onto Skyline Boulevard (traveling down its length past Wunderlich Park) and following 84 through La Honda.

Some information from the SMC Alert: “There will up to 150 riders with lots of support people and vehicles in the area as well as spectators. Some roads will be closed during ride times and others partially restricted. This is a very fast ride and impact in each area should be short in duration, with total time in the county at less that 3 hours.

The ride will enter the county from the north at Daly City and eventually exit into Santa Cruz County. The major roads impacted in San Mateo County will be Hwy 1, Hwy 35 and Hwy 84. It is suggested that you should allow extra time when using these roads before, during and after the actual ride. Law enforcement will be monitoring the race and will be working with traffic controls in many locations. Please allow yourself ample time when using these roads and expect delays.

Below is an estimate of when the riders will be in the specific areas:

9:00 SM County along Hwy 35 in Daly City
9:10 Hwy 1 southbound, Pacifica City limits
9:32 Montara/Moss Beach
9:39 El Granada
9:44 Half Moon Bay, Mirada Rd
9:54 Half Moon Bay, Miramontes Point
10:06 East on Tunitas Creek Rd
10:26 South on Hwy 35
10:37 West on Hwy 84
10:51 La Honda 11:08 San Gregorio
11:10 South on Hwy 1
11:49 Enter Santa Cruz County”

So plan your President’s Day trips carefully, and try to enjoy the Tour. We hope that the professionalism of the bicyclists involved will serve as an inspiration to our local enthusiasts to live up to their standards!

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