March 31, 2009

A recent posting about COW on the Emerald Hills Blog, reminds us that we are not only neighbors, but that we share COWmon ground—literally!

Emerald Hills is generally described as the land bordered by Farm Hill Road, Canada Road, Edgewood Road and the Alameda. While that area encompasses almost all of Emerald Hills, the fact of the matter is that the area of Emerald Hills, just north of Canada COWmunity College and bordered on the west by I-280 is within our Town limits.

A little COWmputer research reveals that the first use of the name Emerald Hills was in a 1920 brochure targeted to San Franciscans and touting the fog-free weather, comparing it to “the eternal summer which Lord Byron ascribed to Greece.” Sure sounds like Woodside!

The Emerald Hills blog was begun in 2007 and emphasizes real estate, but there are many useful links to local sites and organizations. It updates residents of Emerald Hills on real estate trends, new listings, home sales, and general information. Much of that information is of use and value to COWpokes in these parts. So, a tip of our Stetson to the COWs of the verdant north.

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