The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch Event in Palo Alto!

September 26, 2012

Mosey on down and support the arts and celebrate all things autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving, in Palo Alto at the Great Glass Pumpkin patch event this weekend! In its 17th year, it is the largest glass pumpkin patch in California. You can see 8,000 hand-blown glass pumpkins crafted by more than 30 glass artisans. A wonderful variety of colors, shapes and sizes, brilliant colors or delicate earth tones.

The public sale is Saturday through Sunday and the proceeds support 3 art organizations: the Bay Area Glass Institute, the Palo Alto Art Center and the Palo Alto Art Center Foundation as well as the participating artists.

Location is Rinconada Park, 777 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto. Sale is from 10AM — 5PM September 29th & 30th.
For more information go here!

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