Still looking for Hope

June 30, 2008

Where is Hope?

Why won’t somebody tell us. On Friday June 27th, we asked Mayor Romines,

“Where is Hope? Please tell us whether Hope is still Planning Director? What is her status with the City? Your constituents have a right to know.
Please respond by Monday June 30th at 5:00. Be assured that we will print your response verbatim.“

As of yet, we have not received a response.

What is Hope’s status? Is Hope coming back? Is she still the Planning Director? We just don’t know.

2 Comments on “Still looking for Hope

  1. Anonymous

    I am more interested in what has she done. Let’s hope the mayor will be more forthright than staff on this subject.

  2. Anonymous

    You are totally out to lunch on this whole ‘Hopeless’ issue. The real culprit is Susan George. She was in charge of the engineering department when everything was totally messed up and now she’s got it back again…
    Look to the top to see what’s really rotten in Woodside.

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