Service to our COWntry

January 16, 2009

It is the time for celebration
Of this historic inauguration.
Whether you voted red or blue,
We think that what we say is true.
We all hope that Obama succeeds,
In achieving the things this country needs.
First and foremost, there is peace,
Which has been beyond our reach.
We all hope that we will see,
An up-turn in the economy.
That Congress forgets old tricks,
And puts aside historic politics.
Our new president is clearly smart,
And seems to genuinely have heart.
We hope we are being realistic,
In feeling cautiously optimistic.

President Elect Obama has made a call for all of us to commit to renew America together. To celebrate the inaugeration, he is calling on us to make Monday January 19th a national day of service. You can find some ideas for volunteering in our area here and here.

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