January 5, 2018

Safety of our children has to be the highest priority. In 2012, the Safe Route to School Audit, identifying the need to improve the pathway along Woodside Road between Roberts Market and Woodside Elementary School, was accepted by the Circulation COWmittee and Town COWncil. Design and construction of the pathway was separated into three phases. The first two phases which improved the path along the entire frontage of the school were constructed in 2014 and 2016. Finally in November, the design contract for the third phase which will improve the path from the school to Roberts Market was approved. Hopefully the final design will include new pathway in front of the Roberts Market parking lot and a crosswalk at “Woody the Fish”. Public outreach and input, as well as close coordination with Caltrans, are promised.

We hope both COWncil and staff have made it a new years resolution to finally complete this critical portion of the project in 2018.

We know it is a complex project, but when it comes to the safety of our children six years is a long long time. We recall that a former mayor said staff and COWncil should all resign at one point when they couldn’t seem to get the construction going even though it was a high priority item. In 2016, the Town applied for and was awarded $664,000 in combined funding from the Active Transportation Phase 3 and One Bay Area grant programs. Here we are in 2018 and we are just designing Phase 3.

As COW has repeated many times, here, here, here, here and here, safety should be the highest priority. Lets get this project completed.

All trails and paths should be looked at for improved safety. With no sidewalks and some very narrow streets and more traffic and speeders, it seems necessary to create some multi-use trails as the sensible next step which should not wait another six years. Pedestrians of all ages and also our horses deserve to be safe every where through out Town.

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