School Safety project.

August 11, 2016

August and already the beginning of the school year is just around the corner. For the last couple of years, the Town has been working to make it a bit safer for our kids to get to school. On the recommendation of the Circulation Committee, a high priority was to provide a continuous and separated pathway on the south side of Woodside Road from our Woodside Elementary School to Robert’s Market that would be safer and more inviting for school children and other path users. The pathway improvements are being carried out in three phases.

The first phase, from the western limit of the school to the most easterly crosswalk fronting the school, was completed in summer 2014. See our story here.

The second phase which will extend the trail further west from the crosswalk to the eastern limit of the school, completing the path along the school’s entire frontage is now under way. It should improve pedestrian and equestrian safety directly in front of the school. Also new storm drain inlets will be installed to take care of any storm water that may cause ponding on the regraded pedestrian pathway. Phase II was started the week of July 18 and is a 20 day project so it should be completed by August 17, just before school starts on August 23.

The third and final phase will extend the trail from the eastern limit of the school to the Roberts Market parking lot. We hope priority will be given to getting the entire project complete soon.

Everything that can be done to make it safer for our kids to get to school should be done. We applaud the Town for moving forward on this project. We do think even more should be done. The COWncil should look into the possibility of sharing horse trails or creating new trails for our children and other pedestrians moving through town on foot. We all know that traffic is at a dangerous level and it seems to get a bit worse every year. Let’s keep looking at ways to make our Town as safe as it can be for our kids.

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