Save the Stable, Save the World!

December 9, 2007

A round of thanks is due to the Folger Estate Stable Committee for their bull-rilliant efforts on raising enough money to repair and restore the historic Folger Estate Stable in Wunderlich Park. This comes on the hooves of the Committee’s achievement of getting the stable placed on the National Register of Historic places in 2004. YOU can find out more about the restoration and the Stable Committee here.

Built in 1905, the stable used to be a grand palace for the horses it housed – filled with marble, skylights, and crystal chandeliers. It was designed by the same architect who envisioned Coit Tower and San Francisco City Hall. These days, it’s coming apart at the seams – according to Inside Bay Area, the skylights are boarded up, the eaves are falling off the building, and the storm drains don’t work properly. After the Wunderlich donated the property to the County, the stable fell into disrepair – and was almost shut down in 2002.

In addition to the structure’s historical importance to Woodside, Folger Estate Stable is one of the few public stables left in Woodside, as many of the older structures have been torn down over the years. The 24 stalls are much needed by the community, and riders pay up to $750 a month to keep their horses at the deteriorating but historic Stable

The hard-working people at the Stable Committee managed to raise $3.3 million for repairs that begin this spring. The repairs will include a new roof and skylights, buffing up the marble baseboards, and retrofitting to modern safety standards. They’re hoping to raise an additional $1 million for an educational endowment that will pay for schoolchildren to come and visit the Folger Estate Stable, to learn about horses and the place they’ve had in Woodside’s history and present, as well as creating a riding lessons program for children.

It seems stables are getting a lot of discussion in Woodside these days, as seen in this COW article from November 4th – no doubt because so many of us COWs are so horse-friendly! Thanks again to the Folger Estate Stable Committee for all their hard work and dedication in saving this important Woodside landmark, and a hip hip hooves-ray to all the people who donated!

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  1. Jumps

    This beautiful stable is a treasured part of Woodside’s history. It’s not too late to donate to this terrific cause.

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