Are you satisfied with town process?

July 22, 2016

The Town has instituted a method to test customer satisfaction of the planning and building application process using Survey Monkey. We did a Survey Monkey survey on the topic some years ago and found that it can be a very useful tool. We have been outspoken in our suggestions the Town use this tool to assess how things are going with permitting for themselves. You can see the survey the town is using here .

This will be an on-going project. The Town, as we understand it, will invite each home owner of each project that requires a permit to participate by completing a survey for each phase of the project. The 3 milestones for which survey invitations will be extended are Planning Entitlement letter issued; Building Permits issued; and Final Inspections Completed. The home owner can ask the Town to invite the architect, project agent, or general contractor to submit a survey.

Aggregated results will be published periodically. This is intended to assure confidentiality. That works as long as the responder only provides ratings on the survey. However, any meaningful comments would likely reveal the home owner’s identity.

The survey does say that if you have a particular issue you would like to discuss in confidence, please feel free to contact Town Manager Kevin Bryant at (650) 851-6790 or at or the Mayor, Deborah Gordon at

The survey began in March or April and the results so far will be reported to the Cowncil at the July 26th meeting. Interestingly, the report on the survey is NOT available online like all the rest of the reports for that meeting. We are very curious to learn about the results of survey. Sadly, we have already herd from COW’s who have had projects in the last couple of years that have not received survey’s, we encourage people to make this known. We will post the meeting on MooTube to make sure all COW’s can see the discussion.

We applaud the Town for taking this survey. We hope the methodology identifies the problems we keep hearing about. We also hope the Town will take steps to address the issues raised by the survey so that it is not another wasted effort with no follow through. We remember when prior Town Manager Susan George held confidential meetings with applicants. We know many raised serious issues but there appears to have been little effort to address the issues. (See our story’s here, here, here another here and here , here and here). As you can see there has been a real problem for a very long time without any significant changes. We hope this survey proves to inspire the needed improvement in the process.

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