Run to Fun: May Day is Almost Here!

May 3, 2012

The annual Town May Day party that is May Day is just around the corner. This year the festivities will be held Saturday, May 5th, and features the –wow! – 90th annual May Day Parade along with lots of other great things to do and opportunities to have fun with your neighbors in the May sunshine.

Before the parade, peppier COWs will be out pounding the pavement, in the 21st annual Fun Run! Getting off to an early start with registration at 7:30 am in front of the Town library at 3140 Woodside Road, the 2.25 mile Fun Run & Walk ends at a great spot from which to view the May Day Parade. Trophies and medals await the top finishers – and muffins and t-shirts are the consolation prize for those there more for ‘Fun’ than ‘Run’!

This years’ Fun Run is sponsored as always by the Woodside Rec Committee, as well as Bucks, Village Doctor, Wellness Studio, Dave Tanner, QW Cooper & Dodge Associates.

You can download a Fun Run application here and bring it that morning along with the entry fee ($12 for Adult or $10 for 14 & Under).

Curious about last year’s best times, we’ve got you covered, see here.

If pancakes instead of pavement are more your speed, we recommend the Rotary Club’s breakfast from 8 to 10 at the Village Church.

Now, on to the show! The May Day parade is the traditional themed costume parade organized by the Woodside Elementary’s PTA out on Woodside Road. The route runs between Woodside Road and Albion Avenue down to Woodside and Cañada Road and back – an easy half mile for the students and adults who participate. The parade will be held this year between 10 am and 11 am.

Right after the parade, Woodside Elementary’s third-graders will perform the Maypole dance in honor of Spring, and then the Town will announce its Citizen of the Year Award.

Afterwards, the school hosts an annual carnival for members of the COWmunity with games, a barbecue, crafts and more. The event makes for a great family day out. You can purchase tickets at the event or from Woodside Elementary directly. The festivities go on throughout the afternoon, and provide a great way to take a moment to unwind and say howdy to your neighbors. We hope to see you there!

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