RuMOOrs and Hope

June 24, 2008

We have been hearing ruMOOrs that something is happening at Town hall. Planning Director Hope Sullivan has been nowhere to be seen. People are speculating. We have herd that she was put on administrative leave. Some think that the Town leaders finally realized that she played favorites (allowing some projects and denying others even though all were exactly the same). Others guess it could be her insistence on making up “policy” as she went along, such as she did with gravel counting as paved area (see middle of article).

We don’t know what Hope’s current status with the Town is so we made a public records request. Our request was immediately sent to the Town attorney who let us know the Town was working on producing the information we asked for but the deadline for the Town to respond was yesterday and we have yet to hear back. Be sure that when we do learn something we will let you know. If you have any information, please share it.

MOOr….. There’s more: it was announced at the COWncil meeting that the associate planner Deborah Mallison was retroactively promoted to senior planner effective June 12. No word yet on the question – Where’s Hope?

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