October 7, 2013

This COWncil meeting had a fairly light agenda. COWncil members Dave Tanner and Ron Romines were absent from the meeting.

The meeting was kicked off when a representative from WHOA (The Woodside-area Horse Owner’s Association) gave the Town a check for $3,000 to help maintain the trails network in Town. WHOA has raised a galloping $100,000 over the past eight years, donating money to equestrian-related projects in our area such as the restoration of Folger’s Barn, trails in Huddart Park and Wunderlich Park, $5,000 for the lovely Spring and Sprite sculpture, and have given the town $24,000 over the years for trail maintenance. The COWncil was reminded that the 9th Annual Day of the Horse is coming up October 12th, The COWncil thanked WHOA for all their hard work over the years and we want to add our thanks to this champion organization for their substantial contribution to our cowmunity.

The COWncil passed the Consent Calendar, which included approvals for the COPS program (state money to help fund police services in Woodside), updating the Town’s representatives to the Association of Bay Area Government’s liability insurance program, the minutes to previous meetings, as well as authorizing the traffic counts for the Town Center Plan process.

In the Town Manager’s Report were some interesting tidbits. The Report noted that the Town Hall maintenance work being done over the summer has been completed, and indeed, the Hall definitely looks spruced-up with new paint on the walls and refinished floors. The Report also pointed out that the ASRB and the Town’s Planning Department are keeping busy – fourteen projects will be considered by the ASRB during September. It’s nice to see signs of life in the Town real estate market!

Next, the COWncil heard from the Town Engineer and Town residents on a proposal to lower speed limits on Harcross Road from 25 mph down to 20, and to install signage. The street is narrow (no more than sixteen feet wide in places) with no sidewalks, used by many pedestrians, and is used by students of the nearby Adelante Spanish Immersion School. Residents of the street were in agreement that they wanted the speed limit lowered, and the Town Engineer conducted a study confirming their concerns. In conjunction with Redwood City, through which part of the road runs, the COWncil agreed to lower the speed limit. It’s nice to see the Town being responsive on an issue important to residents – we hope they keep that attitude going forward!

Finishing up the meeting, Mayor Kasten will be this year’s representative to the League of California Cities conference in Sacramento. The COWncil also discussed the long-running Town Library remodel – the library Joint Powers Authority is repricing bids after the sticker-shock of the last design; these will come back to the COWncil and then go out to be advertised. The Structural Engineer for the project has completed the seismic evaluation of the library building and has recommended improvements to be made to the building that was completed to 1960s-era seismic standards. The costs for just the seismic strengthening portion of the project are now estimated to be up to $144,000. Currently however between the Town and a fund held by the County, more than $2.8 million is available for the library, and total costs for the proposed renovations are about $1.75 million.

The COWncil adjourned their meeting in memory of Boris Wolper, a longtime resident of Woodside who was a member of the Planning Commission for 13 years and served as the chair.

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