July 7, 2008

Finally, thanks to COWncil member Dave Burow, we have learned that Hope is really gone. On July 7th we received this email from the COWncil member:

Dear Citizens of Woodside,

Hope Sullivan has resigned as Planning Director effective June 26, 2008
and requests privacy regarding the reasons.

Dave Burow
Woodside Town Council

We really appreciate this COWncil member’s willingness to advise the COWmunity when others including the Mayor have not been willing to advise you. We hope the COWncil will seek public input during the process of choosing Hope’s replacement so that at long last we can have a Planning Department that is fair and even handed, knowledgeable and helpful.

4 Comments on “Resigned

  1. Anonymous

    And the spin begins. I am glad Councilmen Burow told us the truth. I am not satisfied however with the town trying to cover up why she left.

  2. Anonymous

    Mayor Romines did not respond to COW’s initial request for information as he was and is still on vacation.
    Dave Burow, Woodside Town Council

    Speaking as a citizen of Woodside, and not as an elected official, I have only had good experiences working with Hope. We remodeled our home in Woodside in 2005/2006 and had a very positive experience working with Hope and the Town staff. I wish her well in the future.
    Dave Burow, Woodside resident since 1984

  3. Anonymous

    It’s refreshing to hear someone had a good experience at town hall. It is sad that the experience was shared by so few.

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe Hope left because she didn’t have enough control of her department? *sarcasm*

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