February 5, 2018

We applaud the COWncil for their decision to make it easier for COWs with very small projects in Scenic Corridors and the Western Hills to go through the building permit process by limiting review to staff and NOT ASRB. The approved amendment to the Zoning Code (Chapter 153) of the Municipal Code allows staff review for proposals that are 300 square feet or less and within Scenic Corridors or the Western Hills, signs in open space zoning districts, and gates, pylons, and appurtenances located in a Private Right-of-Way. (More information here)

COWncil had directed staff to identify simple Code amendments that could remove project barriers and which would not result in adverse impacts. We hope they will continue this process. Woodside has a reputation for an unnecessarily difficult approval process and for unnecessary micromanaging of even the smallest improvement which COWS wants to make to their property. We all want to protect the health and safety of our Town. We want to protect and preserve the character and appearance of our Town but we should not be making it difficult for COWs to improve their property to their own liking when the work is not visible and does not implicate the future health or safety or ambiance of the Town.

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