June 9, 2009

COWs, horses, dogs and cats will be sharing a very special stage July 21-26 when Reining By The Bay, a world-class horse event benefitting the Peninsula Humane Society, comes to The Horsepark at Woodside. The horses will be there to show off their extraordinary skill in a multi-day event. The dogs and cats will be there hoping for some welcome help and a warm home. We, COWs, will be there supporting them both.

Reining, sometimes referred to as “western” dressage, is a judged event which really shows the athletic ability of the horses as they are put through a program of precise patterns of circles, spins and stops. As we understand it, “dressage” is from the French word for “training.” Dressage principles and technique apply to cadence, balance and carriage. The use of western dressage horse to again work from the hind-end allowing for lightness in the front with a more natural head set.

This year’s event features a $70,000 Derby and a $10,000 3-Year-Old Futurity. Spectators are admitted without charge and there is free parking for the show which runs daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m (see also).

Reining By The Bay is is managed by RBB, Inc., and produced by Brumley Management Group LLC. a promoter of reining competitions. Reining is the only western sport recognized in the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) World Equestrian Games.

Including our fellow, furry, four-footed friends makes this event extra special. The Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA, will have dogs and cats available on site for adoption. PHS/SPCA representatives will be available to talk about the pets and how COWs can either adopt and/or assist the organization in their ongoing efforts. Like many organizations, these are hard times for the Peninsula Humane Society which receives NO funding from the National Humane Society or the American SPCA.

PHS offers a number of vital programs including: free spay/neuter clinics every week for low-income communities, a cruelty investigation department with two full-time staff, humane education programs like summer animal camp, free sheltering for pets belonging to domestic abuse victims and a therapy program which has our volunteers bringing their pets to hospitals and other health care facilities.

So giddy-up on down to the Horse Park and have yourself some fun at this very worth while event. Maybe you’ll also find a lifelong friend to share your home and heart with!


  1. Anonymous

    You did a fantastic job! From all of us at Reining By The Bay, a heartfelt THANK YOU!!!

    Hope to see you out there!


    Alden Corrigan
    Reining By The Bay

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