February 12, 2018

Attention all COWS, the Town Council will be starting the discussion on Streams, waterways and drainage courses in Woodside. (See report here)

The first step will be to hire a consultant to look at the General Plan Map of streams. The current Map is not consistent with the County stream map. It does not distinguish between significant streams and drainage ditches. The consultant will also look at the General Plan policies and regulations.

These discussions and decisions will be critically important to everyone who has a stream or a drainage ditch on their property. Stream corridor setbacks and regulations can have significant impact on how you can use your property. We know there are certain vocal groups in Town who, in their eagerness to protect streams, will seek to overly burden property owners.

We applaud the Town COWncil for finally addressing this very important topic. We hope that before a consultant starts work, there will be an opportunity for the public to weigh in with our concerns and our ideas about reasonable definition of streams and appropriate regulations. All too often once the consultant and staff have determined a path forward, the public’s concerns have no impact..

Make sure your voice is herd!

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