Pathways to Safety

November 23, 2015

We applaud all steps taken to make safe walkways to school for our kids. Our Town regularly takes steps to provide for wonderful horse trails. It needs to show the same concern for pedestrians to encourage walking in our Town and help reduce pollution. Most importantly, we need to look out for the safety of our young ones. There is a lot of vehicle and bike traffic and with no sidewalks it can be truly a hazard getting around by hoof. More must be done to create a safe network of trails/paths to school, the library, and the market, and throughout Woodside. We are well known as a horse friendly COWmunity. Perhaps some horse trails can become a double use trail for pedestrians as many are 15 feet wide. Let’s make Woodside pedestrian friendly too.

We all know how frightening and frustrating it can be with speeding drivers (everyone is always in a hurry), large construction equipment, and the packs of bicyclists when you are driving. Consider how scary and dangerous it can be for pedestrians including the pint sized ones on their way to school.

The Town’s Woodside Road Pathway Project was originally identified in the Safe Route to School Audit. The segment of Woodside Road from Roberts Market to Woodside Elementary School has been partially constructed. The Woodside Road Safety Trail – Phase 1 has been identified as the segment between the most easterly crosswalk on Woodside Road fronting the Woodside Elementary School to the most easterly property line at the school. This is the unimproved section fronting the elementary school. The COWncil has now authorized the Town Manager to execute an agreement with Parisi Transportation Consultants (PTC) for engineering design services for the Woodside Road Safety Trail – Phase 1 Project. We are glad to see this project moving forward. Let’s hope this is only the beginning and truly make pedestrians a priority.

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