Our Beef

September 4, 2007

We are very concerned about what appears to apathy and a lack of sense of community in our Town see our story on election. We are committed to the belief that we are all one herd and our small town atmosphere can only be preserved if we all have a steak in each other.

We were horrified to learn from The Almanac of a recent road rage occurrence. It has us shaking our tails with concern. The incident, as we understand it, occurred on Portola Road near Mountain Home Road, a gentleman being tailgated by another motorist, pulled over in an attempt to allow the other motorist to pass. There were repeated attempts to avoid the confrontation, but the motorist continued tailgating, yelling and making obscene gestures. Seeing two pedestrians on the street, the victim asked two pedestrians to call 911, they refused saying they did not want to be involved. The gentleman was assaulted but was able to fend off the motorist with pepper spray before another passing motorist called the police. While the story ended without serious injury, we just cannot understand why the pedestrians would not call 911 when somebody was in trouble.

Is this an isolated incident or have others had similar experiences? Let us know. What has happened to our Town? Is this a symptom of wide spread complacency or a fear of involvement? Why would members of our community not be willing to call for aid for someone who needed help? We are searching for the answer.

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