No Bull — The Results Of Our Survey

May 26, 2006

We are delighted that we received 228 responses to the survey. Of those 199 came from residents and property owners. We sent out 1,995 postcards to residents of Woodside. Our pollster friends tell us that they only anticipate a response rate 1% to most polls. Before you look at the results as tabulated by survey monkey, take this test and see how well you gauge the moo-d of the COWS.

Who are the most and least favored staff persons at City Hall?
Who are the most and least favored elected officials?
What adjective was chosen most often to describe people’s experience with City Hall?
What is the greatest concern expressed?

Look at the results and see for your self.

0 Comments on “No Bull — The Results Of Our Survey

  1. free at last

    Fantastic..Overdue..dead on!..Thank you sooo much for the poll, though I am surprised Susan George’s rating was not even lower. Her comments to the Merc were laughable…what does she call her politicizing land use if not personal?? Fix the process?? Who is she kidding…she has ignored surveys the town commissioned to “fix the process”, preferring to run her feifdom…or maybe when she says “fix” she means “fix” as in rig! She spoke with residents who had applied for permits?? Righhhht…Did she speak with any that were denied. The comments were not nasty, they were truthful, but she prefers to hide behide empty empathy and her usual “rope-a-dope” war of attrition style.
    Portola Valley allows pumping AND reasonable lines regarding septic/sewer..I dare say they are as rural as us without all the town B.S. and obstructionism and can actually pave their roads because they are not paying off lawsuits. The problem in Planning is not purely hers, but she is the head of the farse called Planning, the Edgar Bergen to the Charlie McCarthy of puppet Hope Sullivan, the Don Rickles of Bob Wright, and the Don Knotts of Kent Duel.
    Woodside has many smart people in it…too bad none work for the town. Again, thank you sooooooooo much!

  2. Anonymous

    Very very interested in these results…

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