Yikes! Butchers in Woodside?

April 3, 2007


Have you noticed beautiful shrubs, bushes and small trees along roadways being butchered? Once in a blue MOOwn, without apparent rhyme or reason, they seem to get hacked without any care and without notice to residents. No bush or tree is safe, even those already carefully trimmed by residents.

Of bigger concern is the big mess that is left along the road and in our gutters. Leaves and branches are left where they fall with piles in the gutter. We have received complaints from COWs asking if we know who hired these people, why they don’t inform residents they are coming and why they don’t clean up after they are done. We don’t have the answers.

COWs know how important it is to keep debris from getting in our storm drains. Most everyone doing even the smallest amount of work on their property knows how insistent the Town is about control methods to keep debris from getting into storm drains. Some COWs find that the Town goes too far in what is required. This can cost a fair amount of moo-lah. But we all understand the need to keep debris from getting in our storm drains. The meat of the matter is that when the Town butchers go to work suddenly storm drains are not a concern.

We guess that these plants are technically in the public right-of-way but most adjacent residents in our Town seem to take as good care of these plants as the rest of the ranch. We wonder why the Town cannot limit this “service” to situations where residents don’t tend to these plants themselves. At a minimum, control methods and quick clean up along with proper noticing and more professional work should be provided.

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