Hooves-ray! MOOvin and Groovin in Woodside

March 21, 2007

We here at COW think the Woodside Recreation Department is great and we all are very lucky we have these wonderful volunteers. We put our hooves together to thank the Rec. Committee members for their hard work and for giving all COWs the opportunity to play together.

Woodside Rec. improves our quality of life and makes the herd happy. These unsung Woodside heroes spend a lot of their own free time to organize all kinds of fun activities for the rest of the herd to enjoy. They organize all kinds of out of town group events from nature hikes to trips for Woodsiders to camp, golf, roller-skate, ice-skate or watch the Giants at the Pac Bell Park. Or you can stay in town for volleyball, softball, barn dances, exercise classes and of course, the wonderful May Day Fun Run which this year will be on May 5th!

Woodside is a great community and there is nothing more fun than getting together with your neighbors and enjoying your community. You can join us and meet, dance with, play with or against and have a great time with your children’s teachers, your next door neighbor, community leaders, or more quiet,anonymous community members.

If you want to exercise, compete against the herd or just have some plain old fun see what our amazing Woodside Recreation Committee has to offer at their excellent web site http://www.woodsiderec.com/.

For current information call the recreation committee registrar at(650) 851-3534.

WE hope all COWs will come out and join the fun.

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