The Meat of the Matter

March 9, 2007

The Almanac seems to be more interested in who is COW than what COW stands for or in investigating the problems at Town Hall. Many COWs want to be anonymous so they can voice their opinions without any attack on their identities or character and without fear of retaliation in the form of delayed permit approvals, unnecessary requirements, excessive fees, retaliatory code enforcement and the like.

The Almanac recently misidentified the CEO of our corporation who is really J Holt. But COW is more than a corporation, it is a membership association. The corporate CEO does not write the stories. These come from our members and other COWS.

Why the anonymity? Anyone who knows what really goes on in this Town hall already understands why we are anonymous. Our survey last year showed a wide spread belief that there is retaliation. What did the Town Council do about it when people came forward and complained about retribution from staff. Oh there was the big show with Susan George directed to hold private meetings (sure… great idea to have the fox investigate the hen house). Yup, she did have meetings but nothing appears to have been done to address the still on-going problem.

We once again point out (see “a COW By Any Other Name”) that anonymous political commentary is a valued part of our nation’s history. The anonymous writers of the Federalist papers included Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay.

We share the same motivation as our forefathers. We want the focus to be on the message and not the messenger. Moreover, we all need approvals from the Town from time to time and we all fear arbitrary code enforcement.

COW is committed to sharing ideas and opinions about how government can be improved. All ideas and points of view are welcome on our site. You can post on our site anonymously or with identification whatever is your view or your issue.

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