Belle Alert – Big Moos!

February 22, 2007

cow bell

The Town Council will consider webcasting at its Council meeting this coming Tuesday February 27th. This is a very important decision for the future of the Town.

Our neighboring towns web cast.( Read which ones do here).

Webcasting let’s all interested residents, even those who do not have time to attend meetings, observe what is going on and therefore are more connected to their own government.

Good government today requires this kind of openness. More importantly, the contributions from COWs enable the Town to take on this project with no real impact to the budget. It was your Christmas wish and your Valentine present to the Town.

If the Council agrees to accept the money and start the program, the check will be forthcoming despite the cold and hostile reception that COW received from Town Manager George. If the Town has nothing to hide, accepting your money is a no brainer.

Council, if it truly wishes it’s citizens to have a say and be participants, should be thrilled that its citizens came together to donate the money for this service which most of our neighboring communities installed at the expense of their very tight budgets.

We will be watching.

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