Don’t look a gift COW in the mouth

February 15, 2007

What is wrong with our town?

We are absolutely moo-less and can’t believe what Town Manager Susan George did yesterday. We thought Woodsiders’ Christmas wish for webcasting had come true ( Read the story here ). But apparently nothing is that easy when you deal with Town government in Woodside.

We brought a cashier’s check for $31,045 of your very generously donated money to the Town and we were turned away —that’s right the money was refused. Susan George even refused to accept our letter to Council explaining the need and desire for webcasting in Woodside. (The letter is attached below.) Makes us wonder what other communications from citizens she keeps from the Council.

Holy COW!!!

Susan said she was not certain Town Council had any desire to have any type of webcasting at this time. She did say she would bring up webcasting at the next Town Council meeting to let the Council decide. We sure hope that she will put the issue on the agenda.

While we agree it is the Town Council’s decision to accept this generous gift, we COWs feel webcasting of public meetings is necessary and are shocked that Susan would not advocate it. Especially since this form of open government is already in place in many of our neighboring towns and cities.

Unless the Town Council believes that it, the Planning Commission, and the ASRB work better when they are not seen or herd, webcasting is a no cow brained idea. The only conceivable reason that Woodside does not already webcast is the issue of funding and generous COWs solved that problem.

We know open barnyard door government works and we hope Town Council makes the right decision and brings us webcasting without delay.

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