A Response To Active Citizen

September 28, 2005

Active Citizen we are very pleased that you are willing to enter into the community dialog. COW welcomes all views. We are particularly pleased that you share our frustration with the building and planning department. We would sure like to also hear the views of all of our council members. And, we hope you will come to appreciate the ability to learn the candid views of many citizens of Woodside on this website.

But hold your horses — in our opinion Ron Romines is an “insider”. Here are some of the facts upon which we base that opinion. By “insider,” we mean those in our community who consistently are opposed to letting other folks develop and improve their property. As far back as 1974, Council member Romines opposed the Forest Glade Estates Subdivision. In the 80’s, he spoke against Meadow Vista Subdivision. In 1993, he co-chaired the Woodside Glens Specific Plan which restricted size and growth on property (see the minutes here and here). In 1994, he spoke against a neighbor’s variance although all the other neighbors (6) except Dave Tanner spoke in favor of the variance. In 1997, he spoke against easing setback requirements on certain constrained properties. Also in 1997, on the Ad Hoc Sewer Committee, he was against allowing certain properties access to sewer hookups.

However, let’s not lose sight of the fact that our point was that there should have been an election. There were willing and able candidates. It would have provided a vehicle for debate. In a contested election, the entire community might been able to learn if Ron Romines shares your frustration with the building and planning department or supports the view common in this community that the Town is an obstacle when you try to make improvements to your home.

As to Dave Tanner, our beef is that he knew that he was not going to run far enough in advance that he could have resigned earlier and invited an open election. We base our facts on the following. The Almanac reported that Council member Tanner announced on March 8, 2005 (as reported here in the Almanac on March 16) that he was buying a new home and that he would resign by June. Public records show that his new house was listed as sold on the multiple listings as of 2/18/2005 and the Grant Deed closing the transaction was signed and witnessed by notary public on June 3rd. According to an article in the Almanac article of Aug 3, 2005, he did not resign until July 26, 2005. Of course, the timing of his resignation was his right and his choice. Our point is that had he chosen to resign earlier there might well have been a contested election and Mr. Romines may or may not have been elected. No — Active Citizen, we did not have a favorite candidate. Without an election, we herd no debate on the issues. It was a Moo-t point.

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