Hooves-ray! Bully for Brian and Rhea

January 29, 2007

It is amoosing to note that the Town architectural review board told renowned architect Gordana Pavlovic that her idea of a glass bridge for Woodside residents’ Brian Pinkerton and Rhea Tombropoulos home was not going to work. However after three years the bridge is almost completed and the Chronicle says it is a cowtastic addition to the home. ( Read the Chronicle Article Here)

While the bridge might not be considered “WOODSIDE style ” by the Town ASRB , we here at COWs put our hooves together for citizens of Woodside who invest in architectural statements. We bet one day, this will be a Woodside landmark.

The thinking of the ASRB that everyone’s home must reflect their image of Woodside is typical of this board which has a reputation for disparaging the personal style and taste of other COWs.

We are also cowncerned that the project has taken 3 years for essentially a small addition. Once again this echoes the complaints about the building process by COWs.

Trying to prevent the Pinkertons from building a wonderful structure because “it is not “Woodside” is narrow minded. Looking at Woodside’s past and all the wonderful old structures, large and small , it is obvious that Woodside never used to be narrow minded. The very fact that the glass bridge is in Woodside makes it Woodside: a small Town with both beautiful historical and modern architecture. COW supports new, innovative ideas for architecture in Woodside and we have a deep belief that there must be room for different personal taste in our community.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am in the process of getting permits for two small jobs and am so frustrated with the town…everyone I talk to recently, homeowners, contractors,landscapers, have the same story or frustration and senseless processes/
    I am a normal woodside citizen,I do the legwork myself, to avoid more hours spent on the Architect… and I think it is hard for us regular folks to make it through the system.
    I have lived here for 12 years, paid taxes, worked countless hours as a volunteer for the town and the school and am distressed with this process. WHAT CAN WE DO???

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