The Jackling House Demolition is a MOOt Point

January 17, 2007

Last week the Court of Appeals ruled the Town Council cannot allow Steve Jobs to tear down his residence the Jackling House. The appellate court sided with the Uphold Our Heritage preservation group and denied the Town Council and Jobs’ appeal.

If Jobs wants to build a smaller newer house on the property he must find someone who is willing to renovate the Jackling House and MOOve it to a new location possibly somewhere still in Woodside.

We here at COWS take the same position on this issue that we did earlier last year ( See the spilled milk here ). We want to make sure the Town Council does not make mistakes regardless of the situation or the people involved.

The Court faulted the Council for not having substantial evidence on the record of the cost to build a new house to support its findings that various alternatives were economically infeasible. The Court did not say that the alternatives were feasible, only that the record was inadequate. We are concerned, however, that the Council will interpret this decision to mean it must always follow staff’s recommendation. It is difficult for the Council to create the needed record at a Council meeting although it appears that they tried. We hope in the future in this situation that they would defer the matter and find out what the facts really are.

Hopefully the Town Council learns from this mistake, shucks COWS have four stomachs and are very capable of digesting all the information to make a valid recommendation.

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