Howdy Partner, There’s a New Sheriff in Town

January 10, 2007

We want to welcome the new sheriff in town, San Mateo County’s new Sheriff, Greg Munks. He was sworn in January 8th. He’s a seasoned veteran and has already been protectin’ the herd for a long time, shucks he’s been the Undersheriff for 13 years since 1993.

He already knows the lay of the land and even worked for the Woodside Patrol when he was a young man. The Town Council has a contract with the Sheriff’s department to act as Woodside’s police force. We COWS are udderly thankful the town council and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department have this agreement.

Sheriff Munks and his deputies will continue to protect and serve COWS and the surrounding pastures. If you see Sheriff Munks give him a big COWGRATULATIONS!!!

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