July 30, 2007

Want to help change our COWmunity? There is still time to ring your COW bell and let your moo-ing be heard on Woodside’s Town Council. Without contested elections, there is no discussion of the issues. Without debate on the issues, there will never be change. August 10th is the last day to submit the paperwork for a nomination in the Municipal Election. As a reminder, there are 4 seats up for re-election:

Ron Romines, Mayor Pro Tem, District 1
Susan Boynton, Mayor, District 3
Paul Goeld, District 5
Pete Sinclair, District 7

For those interested, you can click here to find which district you graze in.

Let’s not wait until the roosters are cackling on August 10th to get our nominations in!

Click here for the County website concerning the process.

Click here for the Towns page on the process.

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