Hooves-ray! MOOsic To Our Ears

June 14, 2007

We want to encourage COWmunity involvement in all aspects of our Town life. We have a wonderful asset in the Woodside Village Band which is made up of amateur musicians from Woodside and our neighboring communities.

First organized in 1988 as a community wind ensemble and the concert band, it is always looking for new members. Membership is open to all who can play. If you are a MOOsician, you might think of joining. Rehearsals are held at the Woodside School. If you are all hooves and cannot play an instrument but enjoy live music please visit their website for upcoming concerts at THE WOODSIDE VILLAGE BAND.

They have traditionally held free outdoor concerts in the summer at the natural amphitheater of Woodside Elementary. As the Woodside Village band website proclaims, it is “a rare community that can boast of its own band. Woodside is that kind of place.” We applaud all who participate.

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