May 29, 2007

Woodside needs YOU!

Yes all the mooing in the news has its focus on the California Presidential Primary in February 2008, so it is easy to forget there is a very important election coming up this November right here in Woodside. The Town Council has four council seats up for election. The four seats are:

Ron Romines, Mayor Pro Tem, District 1

Susan Boynton, Mayor, District 3

Paul Goeld, District 5

Pete Sinclair, District 7

As we wrote about the last town election in Is the Barn Empty?. We hope that the Town Council members up for reelection have competition for their seats because competitive elections provide a great opportunity for Woodside residents to hear a broad range of ideas and policy proposals to improve our town. Democracy functions best when voters have the broadest array of choices, so please consider throwing your COW bell into the ring.

Even though all Council members are elected at large, candidates for Town Council must live and have petitions signed by 20 residents in the district for which they are running. The period for filing nomination papers is July 16 to August 10. If an incumbent in one of the four districts up for election decides not to run, the nomination period for that particular district is extended to August 15. Call Janet Koelsch, Town Clerk, at 851-6790 for more information. Check to see which district you live in by seeing the attached map below.

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