Blend in with the Herd

September 12, 2006

We know from our survey and town meetings that many COWs are afraid to moo too loudly, for fear that town staff will retaliate. We wanted to let everyone in the herd know that there are ways to cover your hoof tracks, even online.

Anonymizing software lets anyone surf the internet camouflaged, so that the owners of a website don’t know who a visitor is or where they come from. These tools can be used to anonymously send emails to the Town or leave us information on our COW Tips page.

We want to stress that we NEVER attempt to ascertain the identities of our readers, but for those looking for an extra bit of protection, this is a good step.

These tools work by routing your traffic through servers around the globe, so that it’s difficult to tell what computer actually is looking at any web page. Some of them are free and easy to use, while others require a bit more technical knowledge or a fee, but all are considered good tools that will help, not harm, your web surfing experience.

Shadow Surf and Surf Shield – free, web-based services. – software that does just what it says, for a small yearly fee.

Tor – a free tool requiring a bit of tenchnical knowledge, but very secure.

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