November 2013 Election COWnts

December 15, 2013

November 2013 Election COWnts

There were no surprise in our COWncil election since once again, as usual, there was no contested election. The three incumbents, COWncil members Deborah Gordon (District 2) and Dave Tanner (District 4), as well as Mayor Ann Kasten (District 6) with 650, 640, and 632 votes respectively. While nominations are conducted on a district basis, the election is general which means a voter gets to vote on all COWncil seats. Thus it seems that approximately 650 voters out 3,920 registered voters bothered to vote.

We congratulations to Gordon, Tanner, and Kasten and wish them success.
However, we bemoan the failure of COWs to be willing to run for a contested office. It means that issues are never debated. Other than with the General Plan adoption, there never seems to be the big picture policy discussion. We never know what exactly COWncil members believe on a policy and priority level. Everything is focused on the individual decisions

As an aside, despite vote totals being reported, due to the way Woodside handles its terms the COWncil can’t meet until the vote is certified by the County. The next COWncil meeting isn’t until December, giving the COWncil a second month off from Town Business this year. That does not seem reasonable.

In addition to Town elections, three Woodside-area school districts elected members to their boards. Woodside School District. Incumbents Wendy Warren Roth and Marc Tarpenning were re-elected, and they were joined by Claire Wilbur Pollioni. This was actually a contested election, with the three victors each claiming more than 26% of the vote and leaving challenger Robert J. Hooper out of luck this time with less than 18% of the vote.

Sequoia Union High School District with Woodside High in our COW-munity, the incumbents Alan Sarver and Christopher Thomsen were reelected, defeating Georgia Jack.

Rounding out our local schools, the San Mateo County Community College District had two positions open. Richard Holober returned to the board, but getting by far the most votes was former Cañada College official Tom Mohr, elected with 42.8% of the vote. Challengers George Yang and J. Samuel Diaz were not elected.

That’s it for Woodside races, but as a bonus for those of you who keep your eye on Portola Valley affairs, incumbents E. John Richards and Maryann Moise Derwin were reelected to their Town Council, and will be joined by Craig Hughes. Bud Eisberg was not chosen for a seat.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who voted!

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