New area in Mootube! Solar meeting in Community Service

October 31, 2007

Last night, October 30, the Town of Woodside invited residents to a meeting regarding Photovoltaic Solar. Town and Woodside Fire Protection District staff participated in the meeting and anyone considering installing a PV Solar array on their property were encoraged to attend. There’s lots to know about these new fangled but wonderfully green systems. If you missed the meeting, dont worry, you can watch it here on Mootube! Hoof it on over to the new Community Service area in Mootube and with a click watch it from home!

One Comment on “New area in Mootube! Solar meeting in Community Service

  1. Anonymous

    I was not able to attend this meeting even though we are planning to add solar to our home. Your filming of this meeting has been very helpful and I want to thank you very much for providing this information to us. My only comment is that I could not really see the slide show presentation; perhaps working with the zoom more often would be a good tip for next time.

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