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March 26, 2010

When a speaker at a recent COWuncil meeting looked toward the MOOtube camera guy and said “I want to talk to the media” a staff member said something to the effect of ‘that’s not the media; the Almanac reporter is right there.’ some COWncil members echoed the same thought.

Well, golly gee, we provide news and cowmmentary. The Weekly Standard, Huffington Post, the National Review Online and Slate would be surprised to learn that they were not “media”. It is generally accepted that all the various forms of communicating news to the public collectively are called the “media” While “Traditionally this referred to newspapers, was then expanded to include radio and television, and now encompasses blogs and other forms.” From Wiki

It is interesting that other cities in our COWunty do understand what the “media” is and have us on their press release lists. Sadly, Woodside does not care to treat us with that respect.

Our Town has not done a good job of embracing electronic media. The COWmunity looks to us for Belle Alerts since the Town’s Website is deficient. We, and not the Town, provide the video of the COWncil meetings, which is a basic service in many cowmmunities today.

We want to invite any other COW who so wishes, to make an on-camera comment. COW’s camera guy is always available at the end of the Council meeting for your say on MOOtube.

We know that our criticisms sometimes make COWuncil members and staff uncomfortable. However, we also invite them to post comments on our site or speak to our camera. Ours is a “good government” site, available to all COWs whatever their opinion on any subject might be.

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