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  • 10/21/2011 – SOD Blitz Results
    COMBATING SUDDEN OAK DEATH in Woodside & Portola Valley

  • 5/4/2011, Protecting Homes and Buildings from Wildfire

    Steve Quarles is a UC Cooperative Extension Advisor at UC Berkeley. His expertise is performance of common exterior building materials and wood-frame housing subjected to wildfire exposures. He conducts applied research on performance of common materials and components, and has an active outreach program consisting of web- based information and workshops demonstrating how homeowners can reduce the vulnerability of their home to wildfire. He recently coordinated and taught California Office of the State Fire Marshal- sponsored classes on the new building code that applies to construction in wildfire prone areas.
  • 1/28/2010, Home energy efficiency made easy workshop.
    Did you know that a plasma television can use as much energy as your refrigerator, or that changing a showerhead can save over $140 per year in natural gas costs or when to replace your refrigerator or dryer? Learn how to save energy and money with simple habit changes and handyman fixes at the free “Home Energy Efficiency Made Easy” workshop 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 28. The workshop is sponsored by the city of Millbrae and presented by Ennovationz, an energy efficiency company
  • 10/6/2009, Wildfire Preparation
  • 7/30/2009, Town-sponsored forum on Lyme Disease
  • 12/18/2008, Fire Safety
  • 11/18/2008, Regulations that can potentially impact Woodside properties are presented during this meeting. This meeting was a presentation by the Regional Water Quality Control Board at the Board of Supervisors’ Environmental Quality Committee meeting. The meeting provided data collected by the RWQCB “in regards to impaired water bodies, potential new regulations affecting creeks and wetlands and the general basis for the need for new regulations,” according to an invitation sent from Supervisor Rich Gordon to Bruce H. Wolfe, executive officer of the RWQCB.
  • 10/21/2008 – The Sheriff’s Department informational meeting on local mountain lion sightings.
  • 10/2008, Hooves-ray! Local children’s art from the Day of the Horse
  • 09/18/2008, Sudden Oak Death SOD has caused widespread loss of several tree species in California and recently has affected many trees in the Portola Valley and Woodside areas. Topics to be covered in this meeting include the results of the UC Berkeley study, as well as presentations and question-taking from members of the Oak Mortality Task Force, and presentations from a Fire Behavioralist and an Arborculturalist from Marin. Representatives from Agri-Chem will be at the meeting as well, to promote their fertilizer / fungicide Agri-Foss™, a popular weapon against SOD.
    You may also be interested in this video about sudden oak death spray training from the San Mateo County Mounted Patrol (October 20th, 2007).
  • 01/08/2008, 2007 California Building Code The Town of Woodside invites you to an informational meeting regarding the 2007 California building code, with a focus on new and modified regulations. Note: this meeting will not focus on Chapter 7A. The town will host a meeting on Chapter 7A in the future.
  • 10/30/2007, Going Solar? The Town of Woodside invites you to an informational meeting regarding installing a PV solar array on your property. The staff from the Woodside Fire Protection district will also be participating in the meeting. For more information, contact the planning & building department at (650) 851-6790

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