July 10, 2015

Mootube is new and improved! Check it out here. You can access it on our site or on YouTube here. It is now clearer and easier to identify who is speaking. We now plan to film ASRB and Planning Commission on a more regular basis. Rather than the summary Roundup, we will call your attention to particular discussions on the video.

We really want to thank our very generous donors. Without your contributions, we would not be able to provide MooTube and Town COWncil meetings would have little or no scrutiny. The COWncil should provide better transparency. The Town should arrange for the filming all COWcil meetings including Planning Commission, ASRB and subcommittee meetings. Most of our neighbors have been doing this for some time. See Atherton here; Menlo Park here; Los Gatos here; Los Altos Hills here and Los Altos here.

COW has been asking for the Town to be more transparent since 2007 when former City Manager Susan George refused to bring our request for video (accompanied with a check) to COWncil. See our story’s here and here. We have been providing the video service ever since.

We are happy to see that Reports are more easily accessed in the improved Town website. Another step forward to achieve public participation would be to have staff reports posted earlier than the 72 hours in advance of a meeting required by the Brown Act. Posting reports on Friday for a Tuesday meeting does not allow COWs much time for applicants or members of the public to provide written comment.

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