Moo’s on the COWncil Election

August 17, 2009

All three COWncil office seats which are up for election are uncontested. Incumbents Deborah Gordon, District 2 and Dave Tanner, District 4 wil retain their seats. Anne Kasten has stepped up to the challenge and is running unopposed for District 6. Anne has a long history of service to our COWmunity. She has been an active ASRB member so she is very familiar with the issues. We applaud her decision to take this on.

The COWncil is holding a Special meeting on August 19th at 6:00 to decide whether to appoint the three uncontested candidates for Town COWncil Districts 2, 4, and 6 or to allow the election to go forward as scheduled on November 3, 2009.

We like to see contested elections with debate about the issues that face our Town. But, in the absence of a contest and no likely possibility of a write in candidate for any of these positions, we are supportive of saving the cost of an election and having the COWncil make these appointments.

Nonetheless, we invite the candidates to post information about themselves and what they hope to accomplish on our site so that COWs can learn more about them.

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